Volume II Hardcover Pre-order

Volume II Hardcover Pre-order


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Empires of EVE: Volume II is the story of the next great era of EVE Online in the years after the end of the Great War. With the legendary Band of Brothers now defeated, the whole of EVE Online faced a future without its oldest and most powerful adversary.

The conclusion of that all-encompassing conflict created a massive power vacuum which set in motion the next great era of the EVE Online universe. New powers would rise to fill the void, and EVE itself grew massively more popular. While Volume I was the origin story for conflicts and politics in EVE Online, Volume II is the story of EVE’s most populous era.

The result was that EVE would rise to a scale that nobody could’ve imagined as wars spilled out of the game world and spread across the internet, and massive battles between thousands of players captured the attention of millions around the world. Empires of EVE: Volume II is the inside story behind the largest digital conflict ever waged by mankind.

Coming 2019.