Volume I (2nd Edition) Pre-order

Volume I (2nd Edition) Pre-order


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On May 6, 2003, the creators of EVE Online sparked a new universe into existence, and began one of the most interesting social experiments ever conceived: from the dawn of this virtual universe, every single player would play in the same persistent virtual world.

Empires of EVE: Volume I is the incredible true story of the dictators and governments that have consolidated power and risen to prominence within EVE.

Since 2003, this sci-fi virtual world has been ruled by player-led governments commanding tens of thousands of real people. The conflict and struggle for power between these diverse governments has led to wars, espionage, and battles fought by thousands of people from nations all over the world. There have been climactic last stands, wars for honor and revenge, and spies who caused more damage than a fleet of warships.

Volume I is the history of how political ideas first began to take hold in EVE Online, how that led to the creation of the first governments and political icons, and how those governments eventually collapsed into a state of total war from 2007-2009.

This is a pre-order for the Second Edition of the Hardcover version of Empires of EVE: Volume I. In response to the overwhelming support for the Volume II Kickstarter, the first volume is being renovated and re-edited to make it more suitable to a series.